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Firearms Training Surrey

Firearms Safety Course Surrey


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Pacific Firearms Training

Learning safety in a profesional envioroment.

Pacific Firearms Training delivers the Canadian Firearms Safety Course to provide you with the foundation required to handle firearms responsibly and ethically. You will be trained by an experienced instructor who’s designated by the RCMP's Chief Firearms Safety Officer. After completion you will leave the course with higher awareness, a broader understanding, and the confidence required for a responsible firearms owner. Take the first step towards obtaining your Possession and Acquisition license (Firearms license or PAL), with Pacific Firearms Training.

The Conservation Outdoor Recreation Education (C.O.R.E) program is another area that Pacific Firearms Training is currently expanding into. C.O.R.E. is required by anyone interested in obtaining a hunting license within BC. C.O.R.E. is also recommended for anyone interested in learning more about BC wild life conservation efforts. It will help educate individuals on what BC is doing to maintain habitats, wildlife and general beauty of BC. Currently the C.O.R.E. hunter education courses are not availible, however, I can get you in touch with an instructor if you like. Please check back soon for updates.

Firearms Training Surrey

Pacific Firearms Training is based out of Surrey BC and we're mobile, we can travel throughout BC. We will be offering a variety of Firearms courses and packages that can be tailored to your needs. Whether you’d like to build your families knowledge of firearms safety, obtain your firearms license , learn to hunt, improve your marksmanship or conduct an exciting team building event , Pacific Firearms Training can accommodate you.